We are a set of Digital Vagabonds who’s only wish in life is to see all the CHALLENGING(or rather marvelous ) places on Earth and beyond.At the same time our life’s mission is to make it easy and help the likely headed BAD **S be a part of this THRILL.

We mainly focus on HOW the trekking can be all fun if everything is well-planned .We keep exploring and sharing the life of other hikers , and its the air we breath on..!

Its FLAVOR of the surprises that makes the life interesting to every Adventurer.The thrill of missing a Match Stick and facing a THUNDERSTORMS in Himalayas are two different story.This is where we have an EDGE and work on delivering our best.

We keep exploring and revising our checklists to make sure every Adventurer enjoys the true THRILLS of nature in true spirit, rather than regretting for the silly missing match-stick from the bucket list.