CamelBak Rain Cover Price: $10.00 (as of 28/12/2018 17:26 PST- Details)


The CamelBak Raincover is a water resistant cover that protects your pack and its contents from the elements. Attaches securely with a Velcro closure and drawstring. CamelBak Raincover is compatible with the following CamelBak Hydration Packs S/M: H.A.W.G., Cloud Walker, Trail Blazer, and Day Star M/L: Rim Runner, Peak Bagger, Isis, and ZephyrCamelbak, Better than your average IV!I bought my first Camelbak Raincover in Summer, 2002, and my life has vastly improved. I do not attribute the improvements to the brow lift I got in 2004; though I consider the brow lift used to be successful, it wasn?t as big a hit in 2002 as my brand new Camelbak. My first Camelbak I first of all bought my Raincover by Camelbak to give protection to my hydration pack whilst biking. Only cave men use water bottles right? And then I thought it might be nice to take my Camelback skiing, and I?m not kidding that after they saw me wearing my camelbak with Raincover, every one of my friends got a Camelback Raincover of their own. I don?t necessarily think they are copycats, I just think they love their Camelbaks deep down in their hearts, and I am okay with that.Then summer rolled around and out went the nalgene bottle and in came the Camelbak for hiking. Eventually, I used to be wearing my Camelbak Raincover climbing, running and just to walk the dog. I loved my Camelbak so much that, I started to wear it to take the garbage out and I even started to sleep with my Camelbak. You would think, that my girlfriend would be unhappy with me, but she got a Raincover by Camelbak, too, so it?s us and the Camelbaks in bed, and just believe the pleasure of not having to miss a minute of Laguna Beach to rise up and get a drink of water. Now I will be able to?t take my Camelbak off, and you’ll be able to?t make me. The only regret I have about the Camelbak Raincover is that I didn?t invent it myself. It?s kind of like my mom who dipped oreo?s in vanilla ice cream before cookies n? cream came out.

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