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    [DECENT DURABILITY] The Chain is Consisting of Roughly 650 Single Parts. It is Probably One of the Most Important and Crucial Parts of Your Bike, Any Small Failure Could Cause Severe Consequences. We Use Long-lasting Chromium Carbide Surface Hardened Treated Pin and Roller and Circle Riveting Process to Maximize the Pin Power, Makes the Chain Last at Least 100% Longer than Usual Chains.
    [NICE AND QUIET SHIFTING] There are Over 800 Contact Points in a Chain, to Decrease the Friction, We Put Special Ni-PTFE Teflon Coating on Both Inner and Outer Plate (Not Including Grey Chain) and then Chamfer Them to Make Shifting Much Quieter and Smoother. The Chamfering on Inner Plate also Decrease the Possibility of Chain Drop When Back-Pedaling. You Will Find This Chain Shift Like a Dream and Stay Quiet Even When You Shift Up and Down.
    [LIGHTWEIGHT AND GOOD-LOOKING] The Conventional Outer Plate Design is Heavy. We use Laser to Cut Away Part of Outer Plate or Pins. This Saves About 40 Grams Weight and Has No Sacrifice to Durability and Performance(Only for Hollowed Chains). The Gold Color is with Titanium Nitride Coating, Makes the Color Shiny and Hard to Fade Away, Makes Your Drivetrain Stay Stylish for a Long Time.