MSR Lightning Ascent Ultralight All-Terrain Snowshoes for Mountaineering and Backcountry Use

$229.95 (as of November 12, 2018, 10:50 pm)

Ultralight (4 lbs) technical snowshoes with superior traction for mountaineering, aggressive backcountry pursuits, and rugged terrain
360-degree traction frames deliver edge-to-edge grip, while the one-piece steel crampons provide serious bite on traverses and steep slopes
PosiLock bindings provide a secure, freeze-resistant attachment to all types of footwear; rugged, yet lightweight decking offers floatation and durability



The MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshoes for women and men are the lightest, most technical snowshoe in the MSR line. Designed with superior traction for climbing, backcountry pursuits, and rugged terrain, they provide security and stability in challenging conditions. A 360-degree traction frame offers edge-to-edge grip, and steel crampons, with two fang-like teeth, provide bite on traverses and steep slopes. The PosiLock bindings create a protected, freeze-resistant attachment that may be compatible with all types of footwear. Rugged, lightweight polyurethane decking offers superior floatation and durability, and easy-to-engage Ergo Televator heel lifts offer assist on the steeps, reducing fatigue. The MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshoes are compatible with MSR Modular Floatation Tails (sold one after the other), for extra glide when carrying heavier loads, or encountering varied terrain and changing snow conditions. To be had in three sizes to accommodate a range of body weights/gear loads: 22-inch snowshoes measure 8 x 22 inches, weigh 4 pounds/pair, and carry a 180-pound load; 25-inch snowshoes measure 8 x 25 inches, weigh 4.2 pounds/pair, and carry up to 220 pounds; 30-inch snowshoes measure 8 x 30 inches, weigh 4.8 pounds/pair, and carry up to 280 pounds. Bindings fit men’s shoe sizes 4.5-15. Maximize maneuverability with the smallest snowshoe in order to glide body weight, plus gear (outerwear, backpack, trekking poles). Sold as a pair. Made in the united states. Three-year limited warranty.

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Black, Cobalt Blue