YUEDGE Brand 3 Pairs Men Cotton Cushion Casual Breathable Socks


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The YUEDGE brand promises our customers that, all of our products use high quality combed cotton to make socks. After clinical trials, it can effectively relieve foot pain, keep feet warm and prevent odor


                                                             High quality cotton socks
Thick cotton pad, thicker than low-quality socks on the market, used for high-intensity exercise, reducing the damage caused by exercise, comfortable to wear, ensuring no slip during exercise, no blisters

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ade of ultra-high quality combed cotton(80%) material, unlike the low-end products on the market, it remains soft and comfortable when used repeatedly.

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It can reduce the damage caused by friction under long-term movement, and it is not easy to blisters during exercise to prevent odor and foot odor.a3e4aa0b6e718ba61b84faf4b20d66a7                                                                                                                Breathable design
The foot is made of advanced weaving technology and is designed with breathable mesh. It drains moisture, regulates foot temperature, and keeps your feet dry.4601ecd6c5025ca25d415332299a38a84b03b177066b262d311a5f8d8c9fda12043e9737b228dfb09ca9cac3241d970b61c4443f479c4f90e086e92bc15aec29





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