YUEDGE Women Socks Cotton Cushion Crew Outdoor Sports


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YUEDGE 5 Pcs Woman socks Cotton Socks Outdoor Sports Trekking Climbing Walking Running Hiking Socks Cycling Socks fiets sokken


- Quality
Made of ultra-high quality combed cotton material, unlike the low-end products on the market, it remains soft and comfortable when used repeatedly. (The same is cotton, the price of combed cotton is twice that of regular cotton)
- Comfortable to wear
Our carefully sewed socks are hand-stitched, and the smooth toe and Y-heel provide full support to reduce foot pressure and comfort.

- Breathable design
The foot is made of advanced weaving technology and is designed with breathable mesh. It drains moisture, regulates foot temperature, and keeps your feet dry.

- Performance
Thick cotton pad, thicker than low-quality socks on the market, used for high-intensity exercise, reducing the damage caused by exercise, comfortable to wear, ensuring no slip during exercise, no blisters

- Versatile
Moisture wicking, breathable, deodorizing, durable, no odor.

- Suitable for outdoor sports

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