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Case Study : TravelB

Client Background:

TravelB, a dynamic travel agency based in India, specializes in curating distinctive travel experiences, focusing on wildlife safaris within India and religious pilgrimages both domestically and internationally. While TravelB has established a strong reputation for its personalized services, they faced challenges in maximizing their online potential and effectively reaching their diverse target audiences.


TravelB’s primary challenges revolved around several key issues:

  1. Segmented Audience Reach: Due to the dual focus on wildlife safaris and religious pilgrimages, TravelB needed a way to effectively communicate and market these distinct services to two different target demographics.
  2. Outdated Website Design: Their existing website was not user-friendly and failed to adequately separate and highlight the diverse travel packages, causing confusion and a high bounce rate.
  3. Underperforming Digital Marketing: TravelB’s digital marketing strategies were not producing the desired reach or engagement, particularly in reaching international clients interested in religious tourism.

Solution Provided by Trekohike Technologies:

1. Strategic Website Overhaul:

  • Tailored User Experience: Trekohike Technologies redesigned the TravelB website with distinct sections for wildlife safaris and religious pilgrimages, equipped with customized imagery and content that resonated with each segment’s interests and expectations.
  • Responsive and Accessible Design: Ensuring a seamless interface for users on all devices, the new website was developed with a focus on accessibility and ease of navigation, crucial for accommodating TravelB’s broad demographic, including older users planning religious trips.
  • SEO Optimization: To improve visibility, separate SEO strategies were implemented for each travel segment, utilizing targeted keywords and content strategies to attract relevant traffic and improve search rankings.

2. Comprehensive Digital Marketing Overhaul:

  • Segmented Content Marketing: Trekohike crafted unique content marketing approaches for each travel segment. For wildlife safaris, the focus was on adventure blogs, engaging wildlife photography, and eco-travel tips. For religious pilgrimages, content included detailed pilgrimage guides, spiritual wellness articles, and testimonials from past pilgrims.
  • Enhanced Social Media Engagement: Social media campaigns were tailored to address each segment. Instagram and Facebook were leveraged for vivid wildlife excursions, whereas platforms like YouTube were utilized to share video diaries of pilgrimage journeys, tapping into a more narrative-driven approach that resonated with spiritual travelers.
  • Targeted Email Campaigns: Customized email newsletters were developed to keep different segments engaged with relevant offers and new package announcements, using segmentation to deliver personalized content that sparked higher engagement and conversion rates.


Six months post-implementation of the new website and digital marketing strategies, TravelB experienced significant advancements:

  • Increased Web Traffic: The website saw an overall increase in organic traffic by 200%, with distinct tracking showing substantial uplifts in both travel segments.
  • Improved Engagement and Conversion Rates: Engagement on the website doubled, and conversion rates for bookings increased by 95%, attributed to clearer navigation and targeted marketing.
  • Social Media Success: Social media campaigns contributed to a 50% increase in followers across platforms, with a notable increase in international inquiries for religious tours.


Trekohike Technologies’ tailored solutions significantly enhanced TravelB’s ability to reach and serve their diverse clientele effectively. By creating distinct, engaging digital experiences aligned with the specific needs and interests of wildlife enthusiasts and religious pilgrims, TravelB not only improved their service delivery but also expanded their market reach. This case study underscores Trekohike Technologies’ proficiency in addressing complex marketing challenges and driving tangible results through specialized digital strategies.

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